“ÊtreS au Travail” exhibition: discover 80 photographs with commentaries by experts in the social sciences and humanities

As well as being at the heart of socioeconomic and political debate, the question of work is also the subject of many interdisciplinary research projects. Marking the centenary of the International Labour Organization, the exhibition “ÊtreS au Travail” presents comparative views on the changing world of work from artists and researchers through 80 photographs from the Magnum agency and independent photographers. Organised by the association Lumières sur le Travail, the exhibition can be visited free of charge at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris until 14 July 2019.

The exhibition aims to explore the lived experiences of men and women in their daily work through images and help viewers to better understand and rethink the contemporary world of work. Representing 38 activity sectors and 57 roles across the globe, the photographs are accompanied by analyses and comments by experts in complementary disciplines in the humanities and social sciences (economics, sociology, history etc.). The experts contributing to the exhibition include the coordinators of six projects funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR):

  • Flore Barcellini, coordinator of the ANR HECTTOR project, Humans Committed to Organisations and Work Transformations in the Factories of the Future through Cobotisation;
  • Sandrine Coraly, coordinator of the ANR MEDTRATMS project on occupational health intervention practices by occupational doctors to prevent MSDs in the workplace;
  • Corinne Gaudart, coordinator of the ANR FRAGITRAV project on work and increasing fragility: visibility, invisibility and regulations within large French companies;
  • Daniel Linhart, coordinator of the ANR PENIBILITES project on the modernisation of arduousness at work;
  • Yves Roquelaure, coordinator of the ANR TMS-EPID-ERGO-ACTION project on the professional determinants and prognostic factors in MSDs;
  • And Serge Volkoff, whose work examines the uses of quantitative health and employment tools in business.

Catherine Courtet, responsible for interdisciplinary initiatives at ANR, also contributed to the exhibition.

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Work is an issue at the centre of several research projects funded by ANR in a wide variety of scientific disciplines. The Agency has funded 95 research projects in occupational health since its creation in 2005.

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