Scientific Integrity

As a public body with the role of organising project-based research funding, the French National Research Agency (ANR) promotes a research culture based on integrity and ensures that ethical principles are respected as it conducts its activities.

Scientific integrity refers to all the rules and values that must govern research activity to guarantee its honesty and scientific rigor. Respect for these rules is key condition for maintaining society's trust in the research ecosystem.

The ANR's Code of Ethics and Scientific Integrity

To guarantee equal treatment for applicants and prevent conflicts of interest, the Agency adopted a code of ethics in 2009 and revised in 2018 to incorporate the principles and rules of scientific integrity. In 2018, the ANR also signed the French National Charter for Research Integrity ratified by several French research organisations, which sets out the criteria for an honest and rigorous scientific approach.

The ANR's code of ethics and scientific integrity expresses the general direction, principles and rules of action and behaviour that its internal, external employees and members of its Governing Board undertake to respect in the activities they carry out on behalf of the Agency. In particular, these principles relate to promoting gender equality, professional responsibility, impartiality, separation of functions, confidentiality, professional secrecy and the duty of privacy. The ANR undertakes to take appropriate actions if these rules are breached.

Training in ethical principles and the prevention and management of conflicts of interest is also offered to ANR employees and the members of Scientific Evaluation Panels, to support them and ensure these rules are respected.

Download the ANR’s Code of Ethics and Scientific Integrity


The role of the ANR's scientific integrity and ethics officer

Reflecting its commitment to its scientific integrity policy, the ANR has appointed a scientific integrity and ethics officer responsible for:

  • Compliance with fundamental principles,
  • The prevention and management of conflicts of interest,
  • Training for the Agency's internal and external staff. 

Laurence Guyard, the scientific communities relations manager, was appointed as scientific integrity and ethics officer on 1 May 2018.

Last updated on 17 January 2022
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