Graphical charter and logo

To be consistent with its commitments included in its new 2021-2025 objectives and performance contract (COP), the French National Research Agency (ANR) is renewing its graphical identity.


A new COP, a new step accompanied by a new graphical identity

ANR has a new logo and a signature, presented on the occasion of the publication of its 2022 Action Plan, to assert its positioning as a funding agency serving all stakeholders in French research.

Versions of the ANR logo and use cases

The ANR logo is available in three versions (from left to right):

  • The main logo for institutional use;
  • The initials logo only for use relating to funded projects and with partners;;
  • The logo with the signature for use by ANR.

The logo is surrounded by a protection area to ensure it remains legible. It is defined by the “A” of the Agency's logo. The minimum length of the logo is 30 mm with its signature and 10 mm when used without its signature.

The logo only applies in the three versions presented below:

  • In colour on a light background;
  • In black on a white / light background;
  • In white on a black or coloured background.

Black and white logos are available on request from contact-anr(at)

To be avoided: The three versions of the logo presented above are the only ones that can be used. No change in label size, signature or scaling is possible. No colours other than those indicated will be accepted.

Download the ANR logo (zip file):

  • Logo ANR principal couleur.jpg.jpg (with white background) with dimensions 1939x497 px
  • Logo ANR principal CS6
  • Logo ANR principal couleur .eps
  • Logo ANR sigle seul couleur .jpg (with white background) with dimensions 1211x461 px
  • Logo ANR sigle seul couleur .ai CS6
  • Logo ANR sigle seul couleur .eps

Download the graphical charter

For any question relating to the graphical charter and requests for a black or white logo: contact-anr(at)

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