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PAUSE-ANR: a coordinated program to accommodate Ukrainian scientists

Since the war began in Ukraine, the PAUSE program, led by the Collège de France , has set up a specific PAUSE-Ukraine program, with the support of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), focusing on providing emergency accommodation of Ukrainian scientists for three months.

The French National Research Agency (ANR) has also set up an assistance mechanism to gather the needs and support scientific communities facing challenges, due to the current situation in Ukraine, in preparing or conducting projects (extension of post-docs, researcher accommodation, etc.).

Pause-Ukraine and the ANR, under the guidance of MESRI, are developing a jointly coordinated scheme to support and strengthen the accommodation of Ukrainian scientists in French laboratories:

  • The PAUSE-Ukraine program is the only entry point for institutions offering to accommodate a Ukrainian scientist.
  • The PAUSE-Ukraine program conducts an application assessment in conjunction with Ministerial departments.
  • If a successful application can be accommodated as part of a research project already supported by the ANR, it will then provide additional funding, without further assessment, to accommodate the researcher for six months, taking over the support provided by PAUSE-Ukraine.
  • If a successful application cannot be integrated into a project already supported by the ARN, it will be considered within the framework of the PAUSE program, which may provide funding following the assessment process.

This program will be conducted in collaboration with the National Research Foundation of Ukraine so as to ensure, when the circumstances allow it, the return of these scientists who managed to further their research activities and to consider continuation of collaborations to support the rebuilding of research capacity in Ukraine.

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PAUSE: e-mail : pause(at) 

ANR: impactukraine(at) 

Press release: The impact of the Ukrainian crisis on research funding support actions and international cooperation


Since 2017, the national programme for the emergency accommodation of scientists and artists in exile (PAUSE) has been protecting and supporting those who can no longer freely operate in their country of origin and are forced into exile. Through incentive funding, the PAUSE program allows scientists and artists in exile to be hosted in higher education and/or research and cultural institutions in France, allowing them and their families to find refuge and pursue their efforts. The PAUSE program also supports host institutions and successful applicants in their socio-professional integration. The programme also conducts advocacy activities for the defence of academic and artistic freedom.

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The French National Research Agency (ANR) is the funding agency for project-based research in France. The Agency, a public institution under the authority of the Ministry in charge of Research, aims to fund and promote the development of fundamental and targeted research, technical innovation and technology transfer, as well as partnerships between research teams from public and private sectors at national, European, and international levels. The ANR is also the main operator of Investments for the Future Programmes (PIA 1, 2, 3 and 4) in the field of higher education and research, for which it selects, funds and monitors projects covering, in particular, actions regarding excellence initiatives, research infrastructures and support for the progress and development of research. The ANR is ISO 9001 certified for all its processes related to “project selection”.


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Last updated on 03 June 2022
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