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Joint Call for International Research Proposals on biodiversity under the ERA-NET Cofund BiodivERsA3

Understanding and managing biodiversity dynamics to improve ecosystem functioning and delivery of ecosystem services in a global change context: the cases of (1) soils and sediments, and (2) land- river- and sea-scapes (habitat connectivity, green and blue infrastructures, and naturing cities)


ANR joins the ERA-NET BiodivERsA3 to launch a call for proposals to fund international research proposals on biodiversity. 24 national/regional funding organisations from 15 countries, including overseas, are joining this call co-funded by the European Commission and the following members’ countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

The loss of biodiversity and the deterioration of ecological services or "ecosystemic services" are increasing at an unprecedented rate on both the European and global scale. This damage is impacting not just the natural world but human society as a whole. Financial support to the sciences related to biodiversity scientific questions should therefore provide a mean towards new answers for major societal and global problems.

In this context, the BiodivERsA programme aims at reinforcing the European scientific community, including overseas, in the area of sustainable management and valorization of biodiversity.

The call addresses the following two themes:

  • Understanding and managing the biodiversity dynamics of soils and sediments to improve ecosystem functioning and delivery of ecosystem services;
  • Understanding and managing biodiversity dynamics in land-, river- and sea-scapes (habitat connectivity, green and blue infrastructures, and naturing cities) to improve ecosystem functioning and delivery of ecosystem services.

The main scientific themes are further detailed in the complete announcement of opportunity (see below). Please note that proposals can only address one of the two themes listed above.

Together with the European Commission, an overall budget of ca. €30M has been provisionally reserved. ANR confirmed its contribution to the call for a maximum amount of €4 M and will support the two scientific themes.

Each submitted proposal must involve at least:

  • Three partners from at least three countries participating in the BiodivERsA call,
  • Except for proposals including research groups from outermost regions and overseas countries and territories for which it suffices if the research groups come from two different countries, and the proposal concerns three different funding organisations.

The added value linked to the pan-European nature of the projects must be clearly stated. Emphasis will be laid on the link between scientific excellence and relevance to policy and practice.

The project duration is 3 years maximum.

Opening : 2015-06-02 at 16:54 CEST
Pre-proposal deadline : 2015-07-20 at 17:00 CEST
Application Deadline : 2015-12-16 at 17:00 CET


A two-step process will apply, with a mandatory submission of pre-proposals at first step.

Pre-proposals and proposals (in English) must be submitted electronically on the submission website. Instructions for electronic submission will be available on BiodivERsA website.

Submission of pre-proposals (electronic submission only) must be completed before 20th of July 2015 at 17:00 GMT+2:00.

According to the number of pre-proposals received (indicative threshold of 150 pre-proposals), the nature of the first step will change and will consist either in an eligibility check at a first step and evaluation of full proposals at a second step, or in an eligibility check and first evaluation of pre-proposals at a first step and evaluation of full proposals at a second step.

Submission of full-proposals (electronic submission only) will only be accepted from applicants who are invited by the Call Secretariat and must be completed before 16 December 2015 at 17:00 GMT+1. The final timeline will be available in July 2015 according the procedure chosen (i.e. evaluation or not of the pre-proposals).

The submission and evaluation process will be managed by the BiodivERsA3 2015 Call Secretariat (ANR, France).

Whilst applications will be submitted jointly by research Partners from several countries, individual partners will be funded by the funding organisation of their country/region. French applicants are therefore subject to the ANR eligibility criteria and funding of French applicants will be regulated according to the ANR rules. Nevertheless regarding the applicants from the French overseas, there might be some slight differences, please check with your local contact point. In any case, please read carefully the “Appendix for French participants” (see above).


Call Secretariat, ANR:

Sophie GERMANN, Scientific project manager, +33 1 80 48 83 56, sophie.germann(at)

Maurice HERAL, Programme manager, +33 1 80 48 80 33, maurice.heral(at)



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