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Indoor Person Positioning Challenge (MAîtrise de la Localisation INdoor, MALIN)

Indoor person positioning is a strong need for emergency, security and defence operations. This need is difficult to meet due to the lack of technologies fulfilling the technical requirements (size, energy consumption, computing power, localisation precision), the technological requirements (variety of the sensors to integrate), and environmental constraints (lack or poor reception of GNSS signal) in a non cooperative environment.

For civilian applications in a cooperative environment, various indoor positioning systems relying on pre-positioned beacons sending and receiving electromagnetic signals (Wi-Fi, UWB…) are available. These systems do not meet the needs of emergency, security and defence operations in terms of context of use and performance. New solutions currently developed in research laboratories could partly answer the needs.

A dedicated call

In order to support these developments and accompany the maturation of solutions, DGA and ANR have decided to launch a challenge on indoor person positioning entitled MALIN (MAîtrise de la Localisation INdoor). This dedicated call aims to foster the advancement of technologies for indoor person positioning in non collaborative environment. Its objectives are

  • To comparatively evaluate different architectures for technological solutions enabling the positioning of persons in complex environments such as buildings or undergrounds in the absence or partial availability of GNSS signals;
  • To support innovation in the domain of autonomous positioning of soldiers and emergency response officers.
  • To address the issue of Indoor-Outdoor transitions.

A “coopetition” among selected teams

The teams selected in the framework of this call will develop different approaches to a common challenge and their solutions will be evaluated in a comparable way through experiments in realistic environments. The teams will thus benefit from a common framework fostering scientific exchanges and enabling comparisons, in a spirit combining cooperation and competition sometimes referred to as “coopetition”. Three experiments will take place over the challenge duration, which is 36 months.


The “Challenge” funding instrument
The "Challenge" instrument is designed to encourage several teams to work simultaneously but independently on a given narrowly focused subject. The aim of putting them in competition with one another is to bring them to compare their respective approaches to a given scientific application or question.




Opening : 2016-12-23 at 14:30 CET
Application Deadline : 2017-03-13 at 13:00 CET

Chargée de projets scientifiques
Mme Fatiha Boujdaine
Email :     fatiha.boujdaine(at)

Chargé de projets scientifiques
M. Loïc Dubois
Email :     loic.dubois(at)

Responsable de programme ANR
M. Edouard Geoffrois
Email :    edouard.geoffrois(at)

Représentant DGA
M. Jacques Blanc-Talon
Email : jacques.blanc-talon(at)




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