Funding – 2013

Digital Models

The objectives of the Digital Models programme are to accelerate scientific and technological discoveries in applied mathematics and informatics in the field of HPC, Big Data, design and optimisation of complex systems, uncertainties quantification in order to solve grand challenge scientific and industrial applications.

The aims are to provide tools and methods that contribute:

  • to understand and predict: in relation with the design and analysis, simulation, HPC computing and evaluation of complex systems and for the deepening of scientific knowledge in all sectors of industry and services, in all current major scientific challenges and in critical societal issues such as environment and climate change, biology or healthcare;
  • to design and control: whether the world of research or that of the industry, numerical simulation, HPC computing and optimisation have become essential to assist the design of products, processes, production plants, surveillance and more generally for the control of complex systems;
  • to monitor, analyse, and compile: many models and simulations rely increasingly on massive data coming from measurements of the real world and generating valuable data for other models or future calculations. These data that can be heterogeneous must be modeled and processed to be used online or offline in virtual models or mixed models. Synchronization between analysis, data mining and calculations, is a major issue.

Extreme computing and Big Data are priorities of this 2013 call.

The themes of this call for proposals are:

  1. Modeling and simulation of complex systems
  2. Design and optimisation
  3. Modeling and processing of massive data

The ANR and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) have agreed to promote cooperation between Chinese and French research teams.

The ANR and its Canadian counterpart (NSERC) have agreed to promote cooperation between Canadian and French research teams.

The modalities of these collaborations are described in the appendices: "Conditions of submission, evaluation and selection of transnational projects" available below.

Opening : 2012-11-29 at 11:54 CET
Application Deadline : 2013-02-12 at 13:00 CET


The link to the submission website will be available no later than 20/12/2012.

The complete application consists of two documents that must be fully informed:

  • The "scientific document" is the scientific and technical description of the proposed project. Instructions for preparing this document are described in the templates available on the ANR website page dedicated to the call for proposals. This document must not exceed 40 pages, and must be uploaded to the "scientific document" tab in the submission site, as an unprotected PDF format.
  • The "administrative and financial document" of the proposal is generated from the submission site after filling in the requested information online.

The list of contacts and more information on this programme are available on the web page dedicated to the programme.


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