Funding – 2013

Digital Engineering & Security


The objectives of this research programme are the emergence of new paradigms, technologies, methods and tools to design digital systems consisting in integrated hardware and software where security, dependability and energy efficiency are essential concerns. This affects the engineering complex digital systems based on components, building blocks and applications, such as embedded computer, component based service, hardware and software architecture, information system, and globally all means/supports for the design of applications and systems on the Internet.

Security stresses the design of high-confidence digital systems, their implementation and monitoring: anticipation of risks and vulnerabilities with cryptology, virology or modelling of security policies. The uncontrolled proliferation of connected digital systems also uses concepts such as protection insurance: "security by design". The goal and purpose are on dependability for critical systems, fidelity (brand reputation for products and services), the problems of energy consumption, the economy of software and hardware, i.e., the rationalisation of fabrication (costs, delays), without compromising the quality and by creating higher added value for products and services that differentiate from competitors: reusability, maintainability, durability.

This programme covers all facets of engineering as a continuum: from design to systems under supervision and control when operating. The design includes both the study and the development (specification, testing, verification, validation, certification, etc.). Engineering also means end-to-end conception processes, systems of systems approaches, hardware and software co-design, cyber-physical systems, including high-level abstraction models, hybrid (discrete and continuous), components and architectures (MEMS, FPGA, SoC, SIP, NoC, etc.) linked to software engineering (modelling/implementing, implicating the end-user: requirements management, easy-to-use), environments and tools of hardware and software design (simulation, evaluation), quality (reliability, performance, energy-efficiency, ability to scaling, autonomy, etc.).

The themes of this call are:

  • Digital system security and safety
  • Software and hardware engineering
Opening : 2012-12-14 at 12:10 CET
Application Deadline : 2013-03-07 at 13:00 CET

The complete submission consists of two documents that must be fully filled out:

  • The "scientific document" is the scientific and technical description of the proposed project. Instructions for preparing this document are defined in the template available on the ANR website page dedicated to the call for proposals. This document must not exceed 40 pages, and must be uploaded in the "document sicentifique" tab on the submission website.
  • The "administrative and financial document" of the proposal. It is generated from the submission website after filling in the requested information online.

Contact information and more details on the programme can be found on the web page dedicated to the Digital Engineering and Security programme. 




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