[Webinars] Challenge IA-Biodiv call: April 29 and May 6

The ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) and the AFD (Agence Française de Développement) launched on 18 March 2021 a call for projects to develop AI research for better exploration and exploitation of biodiversity data. Aimed at the AI and biodiversity scientific communities in France and in AFD's partner countries in Africa, this program will benefit from a global effort of 4.8 million euros and will finance 5 research teams for 4-year projects.

The projects will benefit from facilitated access to extensive data sets on the coastal marine environment, supplemented and improved during the duration of the challenge, and to the computational capacities of GENCI.

Three scientific objectives of AI will be explored by each project: 

  • the design of optimised AI methods for biodiversity research
  • designing predictive models and indicators for biodiversity research
  • designing hybrid AI models

Two dedicated information sessions: 29 April at 10am and 6 May at 4pm

In order to answer all the questions that applicants may have about the IA-Biodiv Challenge, the ANR and the AFD are organising two information webinars. They will present the partners and funders of the call for projects, remind the scientific issues and objectives of the call as well as the main steps of the calendar. To take part in one of these webinars, you must first register by filling in the registration form: 29th of April 2021 and 6th of May 2021

The speakers will give the same presentation for the 2 dates.


Anne LIEUTAUD (Responsable scientifique Biodiversity expert - ANR)
Frédéric PRECIOSO (Responsable scientifique AI expert - ANR)
Sandrine BOUCHER (AFD)
Kamal Dadi (AFD)
Peter Addo (AFD)
Alice DAPOGNY (Expertise France)
Giulia BOSIO (Expertise France)
Mélanie Pateau (ANR)
Fanny Lachat (ANR)
Loïc Sabarly (ANR)
Frédéric MONOT (ANR)

Further information regarding the challenge

Last updated on 22 April 2021
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