To mark International Women's Day 2019, we focus on the careers of women researchers

Committed to contributing to the implementation of a policy to reduce inequalities between women and men in higher education and research, the French National Research Agency (ANR) takes part in International Women's Day, celebrated on 8 March on the initiative of the UNO. The theme this year is “Better the balance, better the world #BalanceforBetter”.

In view of the persistent gender inequalities in higher education and research, highlighting the place and role of women in science and encouraging them to join all fields is essential to contribute to the development of scientific culture. In science, technology and engineering, the under-representation of women is a particular obstacle to the creation of knowledge and innovations that can reduce certain inequalities by taking gender-based differences into account.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the ANR shines the spotlight on the portraits of three women researchers with remarkable backgrounds, working in disciplines where there are still very few women. They testify to the possibility for women to invest in such scientific fields and are an encouragement for the younger generations to apply for projects.

Watch the video portraits of three research project coordinators:

Dr Sandrine Codis, astrophysicist, research fellow at the Paris Institute of Astrophysics, coordinator of the ANR SPHERES project, Modelling galaxy clustering in the non-linear regime:

Dr Eun Jung Kim, CNRS researcher and member of Analysis and Modelling of Systems for Decision Support Laboratory (Lamsade), coordinator of the ANR ASSK project, Algorithms with Small Separations acKnowledged: graphs and linear matroids:

Prof. Christine Ammirati, in charge of the SimUSanté and Epione-Campus Santé projects, coordinator of the IDEFI SimuSanté project (Development of an Active Pedagogy Centre – Advanced Simulation in Health) of the future Investments Programme:

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