The ANR publishes the AAPG 2021 Guide

The ANR is publishing a guide to supplement the Generic Call for Proposals (AAPG) 2021 text. The guide explains the submission, evaluation, selection and funding process for projects put forward for the call.

The guide aims to support project coordinators in submitting a pre-proposal (PRC, PRCE, JCJC) or registering a project (PRCI) in stage 1 and submitting a full proposal in stage 2 of the AAPG 2021. It also aims to support members of the Scientific Evaluation Panels (CES) and external peer reviewers in the evaluation of the projects submitted.

In particular, the guide presents:

  • The objectives of the call;
  • The features of the four instruments covered by the call;
  • The proposal submission procedures, eligibility criteria and evaluation procedures for stages 1 and 2;
  • The provisional timetable for the call.

The submission and registration website for the AAPG 2021 is scheduled to open on 29 October 2020. The ANR recommends reading the text of the AAPG 2021, the dedicated guide, the appendices describing the PRCI submission and evaluation procedures and the ANR’s funding regulations before submitting or registering a project.

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