Publication of Work Programme 2015 and opening of the generic call

On 26 June 2014, ANR’s Governing Board adopted the Work Programme 2015. This document describes the essential elements of the initiatives and calls for proposals issued by the ANR for the financial year 2015, and sets out the research priorities for 2015 and the funding instruments available. It is addressed to all scientific communities and all public or private players involved in French research and in particular SMEs.

ANR's Work Programme comes under the framework fixed by the "France Europe 2020" Strategic Agenda and the National research strategy, which are linked to the European research programme, Horizon 2020. The Work Programme 2015 takes into account the priorities set by "France Europe 2020" as well as the contributions from the national thematic Alliances – Allenvi, Allistene, Ancre, Athena, Aviesan –, from the CNRS and from the relevant ministries (Research and Higher education, Agriculture, Ecology, Health, Industry, Defence, Foreign affairs, Culture, National education).

Four components, nine challenges

The Work Programme comprises four interlinked components, each with a specific budget and governance:

  • Major societal challenges
  • At the frontiers of research
  • Building the European Research Area (ERA) and France's international attractiveness
  • Economic impact of research and competitiveness

The "major societal challenges" component takes up the nine challenges identified in the "France Europe 2020" strategic agenda.

Various funding instruments available

ANR has designed and deployed a range of funding instruments to satisfy both the public policy for research and innovation in France and the project-based funding needs of the research communities.

Three types of instrument are available:

  • funding instruments dedicated to individuals,
  • funding instruments targeting collaborative research,
  • funding instruments for project initiation.

All of the available funding instruments are described in the Work Programme 2015. Each of these instruments meets a clearly identified end-purpose.

The main part of the funding offering brought together within a generic call for proposals

As in 2014, a large part of the Work Programme is treated as a generic call for proposals open until 16 October 2014, 1 pm (Paris time). It will be supplemented by specific calls for proposals corresponding to particular funding instruments (ERA-NETs, JPIs, LabCom, Hosting high-level researchers…).

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