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Publication of the ICPerMed Vision Paper

The International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) presents a “Vision Paper” on how the use of personalised medicine (PM) approaches will promote “next-generation” medicine in 2030. The vision entails that medicine needs to become more firmly centred on the individual’s personal characteristics, leading to improved effectiveness in diagnostics, treatment and prevention, and, at the same time, have an economic value. Next-generation medicine should also provide equitable access for all citizens to the best possible healthcare in the future.

The vision and its five perspectives are outlined in the ICPerMed Vision Paper, which was published on September 25 on the ICPerMed website:

  1. Informed, empowered, engaged and responsible citizens have control over their health-related data and can access reliable and understandable sources of medical information easily.
  2. Informed, empowered and engaged health providers with well-educated multidisciplinary teams keep up with the rapid development in PM solutions and use health information and research results safely and responsible.
  3. Healthcare systems enable personally tailored and optimised health promotion, prevention, diagnosis and treatment for the benefit of patients by giving equitable access to PM services to all citizens.
  4. Available health related information for optimised treatment, care, prevention and research is provided when needed. Data privacy, safety, and security are applied in health-data management. Optimised treatment and prevention based on personalised profiles benefit citizens and patients, while minimising costs and risks.
  5. Economic value is established by innovative medicine, being based on appropriate business concepts, creating new jobs in healthcare systems and taking into account telemedicine and mobile solutions.

In addition, four pillars are decisive for the successful implementation of PM research: 1) data and technology; 2) inter-sectoral synergies; 3) healthcare systems reforms; 4) education and literacy.

Download the Vision Paper and read more about the ICPerMed vision on PM research and implementation: https://www.icpermed.eu/en/activities-vision-paper.php

About ICPerMed

ICPerMed provides a platform to initiate and support communication and exchange on PM research, funding and implementation. ICPerMed assembles over 40 European and international partners representing ministries, funding agencies and the European Commission. With the support of the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) ICPerMed Secretariat, the consortium works on coordinating and supporting research to develop approaches for PM. Thereby, the central aim of ICPerMed is to align and encourage joint efforts in PM research and implementation on a European and international level.

France is involved in programmes around PM since 2013 starting with the CSA PerMed (2013-2015) and the generation of its Strategic Research and Innovation Support Agenda (SRIA) on PM. Currently, ANR is implicated in the ICPerMed Secretariat (2016-2020) and the ERA Net ERA PerMed, a funding programme in the field of PM, as well as together with the Ministry of research and innovation in ICPerMed itself.

For further information and please visit the ICPerMed webpage: www.ICPerMed.eu

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