Preliminary-announcement: the first edition of « Springboard-ERC (Tremplin-ERC) » Call for Proposals will be open soon

Conceived to improve France’s success rate in Calls for Proposals of the European Research Council (ERC), « Springboard-ERC (T-ERC) » is a new funding instrument set up by ANR on the occasion of its Work Programme 2017. A first Call for Proposals will be open on mid-September 2016. Other Calls for Proposals will be launched in 2017.

T-ERC is aimed at French or foreign Young Researchers who are attached to a French public research organisation and did not get funding from the ERC « Starting grants » or « Consolidator grants » calls, despite the quality of their projects (ranked A or B, B after the second stage).

Thanks to this new funding instrument, help is provided to improve their proposals in order to submit a new application, with better success rate. Researchers from all scientific fields can apply. Selected projects will get a funding of maximum k€150 during 18 months. The grant will cover personal and also operating expenses.

The guarantee of a fast decision making and funding

The first T-ERC Call for Proposals is planned by end of September 2016 and other Calls are planned for 2017 (see the calendar on ANR website).

In order to assure a fast decision making and funding, ANR has set up dedicated arrangements. The submission application is especially simplified, leaning on application documents previously transmitted to the ERC. The selection process relies on one multi-disciplinary evaluation committee. It is intended then to give a fast answer to the applicant teams, within about 3 months delay after the submission closure.


A tool at the disposal of scientific excellence and France’s attractiveness.

The funding instrument T-ERC lies within the national strategy of reinforcement of French research and technological innovation. It aims at increasing France’s influence and its international scientific attractiveness.

This instrument is expected to:

  • Reinforce French engagement and success rate to the next ERC Calls;
  • Encourage scientific excellence by supporting high quality applications;
  • Help research organisations to host high level applicants, evaluated as « excellent » at the European level, by allowing them to carry out their projects under the best conditions.



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