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Preliminary announcement: an international call for proposals on Biotechnologies will be launched soon

Within the ERA-Net Cofund CoBioTech, ANR pre-announces the upcoming call for transnational research projects in the field of biotechnologies. The co-funded call brings together 21 funding organizations from 18 countries. The call is expected to open on December 1st 2016.

The current call aims to address challenges in the context of key enabling technologies (KET) for biotechnology and the bio-based economy and to tackle 21st century societal challenges such as decarbonisation of the economy and reduction of the reliance on fossil. To achieve this, funding provided by national and regional programmes of Member States and other countries will be combined with the European Commission’s efforts in this joint call for multilateral research projects addressing “Biotechnology for a sustainable bioeconomy”.

ERA CoBioTech aims to connect research partners (academic and industrial) with different and complementary scientific and technological (industrial or academic) expertise to maximise resources and share risks, costs and skills. A prerequisite for transnational projects to be supported via this call is the inclusion of different parts of the value chain. This will enable the newly developed products, technologies or services to reach the market efficiently. The partnership in the field of biotechnology will improve and accelerate technology transfer, and strengthen European efforts to achieve sustainable industrial development.

Aims of the call

The aim of the co-funded call is to contribute to transforming the global economy from a dependence on fossil raw material to a sustainable bio-based economy. The submitted pre-proposals must be multidisciplinary and they will include at least one of the following scientific approaches:

  • Synthetic biology
  • Systems biology
  • Use of bioinformatic tools for the identification and utilization of metabolic pathways
  • Biotechnological approaches (possibly in combination with chemical ones)


ANR specific selection criteria: the projects that are only based on synthetic or systemic biology cannot be accepted. They must be part of tasks or work packages within projects dedicated to the development of a bio-production process or industrial valorization of the biomass.

Topics of the call

The co-funded call covers industrial biotechnology. Applications must address one of the topics described below:

  • Sustainable production and conversion of different types of feedstocks and bioresources into value-added products
  • New products, value-added products and supply services
  • Sustainable industrial processes

The projects should fall within Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) between 3 and 6, although projects are not necessarily required to cover the whole range.

How to participate

Only transnational projects will be funded: each consortium will have to include between 3 and 6 teams from at least 3 different countries partners of the call (maximum 2 teams by country). The consortium will be able to include up to 8 partners if teams from the following countries are also part of the consortium: Argentina, Estonia, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia or Turkey.

Each partner will also have to refer to specific national/regional rules of its own funding agency.

This call for projects should include the following funding agencies: MINCyT (Argentina), SPW-DG06 (Belgium-Wallonia), ETAg (Estonia), ANR (France), JUELICH (Germany), FNR (Germany), SMWK (Germany-Saxony), CSO-MOH (Israel), MIUR (Italy), VIAA (Latvia), NOW (Netherlands), RCN (Norway), NCBR (Poland), UEFISCDI (Romania), FASIE (Russia), MIZS (Slovenia), MINECO (Spain), CTI (Spain), CTI (Switzerland), TUBITAK (Turkey), BBSRC (United Kingdom).

The projects submission is a 2-step process:

  • Submission deadline for the pre-proposals: March 2nd 2017
  • Submission deadline for the full proposals: July 20th 2017

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