Pre-announcement: an international joint call on the effects of food on Body Weight Regulation and Overweight Related Metabolic Diseases

The French National Research Agency (ANR) will launch its third international call in the domain of nutrition and health within the framework of the HDHL-INTIMIC ERA-NET. The joint call includes 11 funding agencies from 10 different countries. The call will be launched on the 5th of February 2019. Applicants have to submit their pre-proposals before the 2nd of April 2019, 16h (UTC).

While the prevalence of obesity, diabetes and cardo-vascular diseases is constantly increasing worldwide, the identification of the factors favouring the appearance or the development of metabolic diseases constitutes an important challenge for the world public health. The scope of the present call is to better understand how food (composition, diet, processing and storage) could affect the appearance or the development of those diseases.

Through this call, the HDHL-INTIMIC ERA-NET contributes to create or reinforce the collaboration between research partners coming from different countries and different fields to promote research on nutrition and health. Both public research partners, private companies and associations are welcome to join the present call.

Topic of the call

The aim of the present call is to study how food could influence appetite and/or satiety, body weight, appearance or development of metabolic diseases by studying the underlying mechanisms. The call will particularly focus on the impact on health of the:

  • Food components and/or diets
  • Food transformation and/or storage

Applicants should also consider the possible impact of age, sex, ethnical origins, social environment and genetic backgrounds in their proposal, when relevant. The development of entirely new food processing methods is excluded from this call.

The consortium should involve 3 to 8 partners from at least three eligible countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden). No more than two partners from the same country will be accepted within the same consortium. ANR will only fund the French partners of the selected projects. The maximum funding allowed is 250 000 euros (or 300 000 euros if the French partner is also the coordinator of the project).

Each project should include a detailed description of the specific actions dedicated to Early Career Scientist (PhD student, Post-docs), such as a mobility program between partners or summer schools.

Selected projects will be funded for a period of up to three years.

In agreement with the ANR policy, funded researchers should respect the guidelines of the Nagoya protocol and consider open access publication of their results.

Submitted projects will be evaluated in two phases. Pre-proposals should be electronically submitted before the 2nd of April 2019. The call steering committee will invite the selected applicants to submit a full-proposal before the 9th of July 2019. 

More Information

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