PRCI: visit in Taiwan of one of the first ANR’s collaborations outside Europe

On the occasion of his trip to Asia, the French National Research Agency’s CEO and President Michaël Matlosz is in Taiwan to meet his counterparts of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). ANR and MOST is one of the oldest bilateral collaborations of the Generic Call for Proposals (International Collaborative Research Project – PRCI).

In October 2011 a first common Franco-Taiwanese workshop happened in Taipei between ANR and MOST in order to evaluate Franco-Taiwanese projects. In October 2014, it was the turn of ANR to organise in Paris the second workshop. Set within the framework of the collaboration programme with the Ministry of Science and Technology (Taiwan) launched in 2007, this event brought together French and Taiwanese researchers funded by ANR and MOST in a great number of disciplines. The agenda for the day featured presentations on major advances made by the teams, exchanges and interactions between researchers, remarkable results and initial feedback from teams funded.

ANR and Asia: 10 years of international collaboration

More than half of ANR’s bilateral collaborations outside Europe these last ten years are Asian collaborations, especially with China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Hong-Kong. ANR is also involved in several international multilateral calls for proposals, mostly European but occasionally including some of these countries (for example ORA in Social Sciences, Belmont forum or Water JPI call). Sixty-three international collaborative projects have been cofunded by ANR within the Franco-Taiwanese call since 2007, in several scientific fields, with a sixteen million euros’ budget.

Considering this productive collaboration, Michaël Matlosz will then take advantage of his trip to Asia to discuss with the MOST and visit in Taiwan the Academia of Sciences (Sinica), the National Taiwan University (NTU), the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the National Chiao-Tung University the Scientific Park of Hsinchu (Science Park).


Map of the main two bilateral collaborations (USA and Asia) outside Europe:


Last updated on 29 January 2019
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