Open science: launch of a HAL-ANR portal for publications arising from projects funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR)

As part of its open science policy, the French National Research Agency (ANR) has launched a new HAL-ANR portal to provide access to publications arising from projects that it funds. Developed in conjunction with the Centre for Direct Science Communication (CCSD), the portal is intended for scientific communities, institutional research players, and anyone interesting in viewing the outputs of ANR-funded research projects.

ANR’s commitment to open access

ANR launched an open science policy in 2013 and is working at various levels – in France, in Europe and internationally – to encourage open access and, where possible, open data, in line with the national plan for open science.

In terms of open access, if funding is granted, the project coordinator and partners must undertake to submit the scientific publications (full text) arising from the R&D and innovation project to an open archive, either directly in HAL, or through a local institutional archive, under the conditions of Article 30 of the Act “For a Digital Republic”. ANR also recommends that, where possible, papers should be published in open-access journals and publications, and that the CC BY licence should be used for publications arising from the projects it funds.

Towards greater exposure for publications on HAL

At present, over 30,400 documents linked to an ANR research project are listed on the HAL multidisciplinary open archive. ANR and CCSD have launched the HAL-ANR portal to support greater access to these publications.

Users of the portal can view publications related an ANR project and published by researchers on HAL, with options to filter by year, research area, research structure or document type. The portal also supports advanced searches by programme, scientific field, key word and other criteria. The aim is to provide scientific communities and other audiences with an overview of publications arising from ANR-funded projects.

Repository of ANR projects

The repository of ANR projects available on HAL will be enriched through new publication and synchronisation features linked to the website. The idea is to make it easier to link a document to an ANR project at the point of submission, avoiding the need for the researcher to create the reference manually.

Thanks to this collaborative effort with CCSD, users can now see all publications linked to an ANR project or programme, and view the project summary on the Agency’s website by clicking the “Learn more” link.

Discover the HAL-ANR portal

ANR open science policy

CCSD website

Last updated on 17 December 2020
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