Generic Call 2015: Initial results published

Since 2014, the generic call for proposals groups together a large part of ANR's funding offering. The 2015 edition's initial results for the "Collaborative research projects", "Collaborative research projects involving enterprises" and "Young researchers" instruments were published today. These make up about 70% of the total budget dedicated by ANR dedicated to calls for proposals in 2015. Additional results will be regularly released until the year’s end from projects submitted under international agreements (International collaborative research projects funding instrument). These results will round out those released today.

The number of projects selected stands at 667, for an overall selection rate of 9.7% for the entire process, with a rate of 26.6% for the second evaluation phase. Projects are divided up into the following challenges:

  • "Efficient resource management and adaptation to climate change": 48
  • "Clean, secure and efficient energy": 38
  • "Stimulating industrial renewal": 93
  • "Life, health and well-being": 220
  • "Food security and demographic challenges": 31
  • "Sustainable mobility and urban systems": 15
  • "Information and communication society": 82
  • "Innovative, inclusive and adaptive societies": 35
  • "Freedom and security of Europe, its citizens and its residents": 13
  • "All-Knowledge challenge": 92

Additional results will be regularly released until the year’s end for projects submitted through the generic call in the framework of international agreements. These results will round out those released today. The list of projects selected under each respective agreement must now be jointly determined by both partner agencies. 

For projects selected, ANR will contact project coordinators' establishments during the grant agreement phases, set to close out at the end of 2015.

Work Programme and Generic Call 2016 published

ANR released its Work Programme and Generic Call for the 2016 calendar year today. Work Programme 2016 is the agency roadmap for the year to come; it presents the research priorities for 2016 as well as the funding instruments offered to researchers by ANR. The Work Programme is intended for the public and private scientific communities (especially SMEs and intermediate-sized companies). The generic call of proposals, also released today, groups together a significant portion of the actions planned for 2016. Generic Call 2016 will be rounded out by specific calls for projects corresponding to various research instruments (OH Risk, LabCom, Industrial Chairs, Carnot, Hosting High-Level Researchers, MRSEI, Astrid...), or to European and international calls (bilateral and multilateral calls, calls launched under the ERA-NETs and JPIs...).


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Last updated on 21 March 2019
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