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Transnational call for proposals under the ERA-NET ERANETMED, third edition: Fostering sustainable water management for the economic growth and sustainability of the Mediterranean region

ERANETMED is a EU FP7 initiative that aims at co-ordinating research activities of the different national research programs from EU Members States, Associated Countries to the EU Research Framework Programs and Mediterranean Partner Countries. In particular, the ERANETMED objective is to strengthen the collaboration and common capacity of research program owners from above countries to address some of the major challenges that the Mediterranean is facing and strengthen Euro-Mediterranean research co-operation.

The total financial contribution to the Call is 7,160,000 Euros (please note that this amount might be increased following Tunisia’s confirmation). Each funding agency funds its own national research teams within a multilateral project selected through a peer review process.

This Call is co-funded by the following Euro-Mediterranean countries:

Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey.

The Mediterranean, particularly the South region, is largely characterised by water scarcity, limited water availability, severe climatic conditions and dramatic increasing of demography. Arid and semi-arid conditions are the typical geo-physical feature of most rural and remote areas, these conditions being a constraint for socio-economic growth, food security, stability and ecosystems sustainability. The sustainable management of water is pivotal to tackle above conditions and constraints and indispensable for the sustainability of the Mediterranean region, considering that the national economy of most of the non-EU Mediterranean countries is based on irrigated agriculture which accounts for 70% of water consumption. The remaining 30 % been allocated to drinking and industrial use. A rational and sustainable use of water in agriculture could allow a significant availability for other uses and ecosystems.

The present call aims at strengthening international cooperation on research and innovation in the Mediterranean and enhance Euro-Mediterranean research networks tackling the challenge of water in rural and remote areas in coastal zones and inlands. In addressing the above challenges, researchers will have to provide a methodological approach able to deliver a tangible contribution to socio-economic growth and sustainable development in the region considering environmental, ecosystem dimensions and energy use.

For more information and details about the third edition of ERANETMED, please connect to

Opening : 2017-05-23 at 17:08 CEST
Application Deadline : 2017-07-14 at 17:00 CEST

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