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NORFACE Call for Proposals “Dynamics of Inequality Across the Life-course: structures and processes”

ANR participates in the call for proposals “Dynamics of Inequality Across the Life-course: structures and processes” of the NORFACE network.

Existing and rising inequalities pose fundamental challenges to European societies and economies. The increasing gulf between rich and poor, exacerbated by the recent financial and economic crises, is a key concern. The sources of inequalities in contemporary societies are complex and highly intertwined and they and their consequences can only be understood through comprehensive and innovative research activities. Given our relatively mature understanding of life course inequalities, it is time to focus on the dynamics of inequalities – across different life stages, across different dimensions of inequality, and across different dimensions of identity – and to identify opportunities to reduce them. It is for this reason that the NORFACE network will launch an international research programme on the topic of inequality during the life-course.

The programme is structured around four themes that reflect transitions and trajectories at four stages of the life course, described in detail in the programme text accompanying this call for proposals. These four themes are:

  1. early life influences and outcomes;
  2. early adult transitions into tertiary education, vocational training and economic activity;
  3. labour market and family trajectories and the growth of inequality; and
  4. labour market participation in later life and retirement.

NORFACE is a network of research-funding organisations in the social and behavioural sciences and has been active since 2004. Dynamics of Inequality across the Life-course is the fourth joint research programme that NORFACE has funded.

Opening : 2016-02-04 at 17:06 CET
Application Deadline : 2016-03-30 at 13:00 CEST

Submission of Project Proposals

The project Outline and Full Proposals must be submitted via the electronic application system ISAAC. Guidance on how to submit the proposal will be available on the NORFACE website Proposals received after the deadline, or failing to comply with the published requirements, will be rejected.

Full proposal stage

Deadline : 12 October 2016
The coordination will contact the applicants allowed to enter the full proposal stage.



e-mail: Xavier.engels(at)
Telephone: +33 (0) 1 73 54 82 46

Pierre-Olivier PIN
Telephone: +33 (0) 1 78 09 80 83


NORFACE coordination office at NWO

e-mail : dial(at)NWO.NL
Anne Cukier Tel. +31 (0)70 344 05 03
Anne Westendorp Tel. + 31 (0)70 344 09 02
Carlien Hillebrink Tel. +31 (0)70 349 43 11



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