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New food resources and technologies to improve public health and food security (FOODRETEC) – JPI HDHL 2023

The French National Research Agency, in partnership with five countries (Austria, Ireland, Norway, Poland, and Romania) is launching the novel international call for projects on new food ingredients, new food or technologies and their contribution to healthy, sustainable diets under the umbrella of the JPI HDHL (“healthy Diet Healthy Life”). The total budget for this action is 4,3 million euros.

The aim of this call is to build knowledge to prepare for and succeed with a dietary shift towards a healthier and more sustainable diet. This demands a system approach. Improved use of resources and designing new foods will be a driving force. The new knowledge will contribute to preparedness for a future with a higher global food demand on scarce resources. This call deals with several interrelated topics, such as food security, food safety, nutrition, and consumer acceptance. It will focus on new food ingredients, new food or technologies and their contribution to healthy, sustainable diets. Important aspects to be addressed in this regard are safety, nutritional quality, digestibility, bioeconomic aspects, and consumer acceptance of new ingredients and food.

Only transnational projects will be funded. The following conditions apply to the composition of consortia:

  • Minimum of three eligible and a maximum of six eligible partners from at least three different countries participating in the call.
  • No more than two eligible partners from the same country participating in the call will be accepted within one consortium.
  • Maximum of two collaborators per consortium. Collaborators are self-funded partners: i.e. partners that are not requesting funds in this Joint Transnational Call provided by one of the participating funding organisations (e.g. from non-funding countries or not fundable according to national/regional regulations of the participating funding organisations).

ANR will only fund the French partners of the selected projects. In agreement with ANR policy, funded researchers should respect the guidelines of the Nagoya protocol and consider open access publication of their results.

Opening : 2023-03-09 at 09:00 CET
Application Deadline : 2023-04-21 at 15:00 CEST

The call will follow one step evaluation including a rebuttal phase.

Call text and proposal template can be found on JPI HDHL website.

Proposals should be submitted online using the submission website (ANR will not accept any proposal submission and no additional information is required by ANR at the submission stage).

FOODRETEC Call secretariat and ANR contact details:

Dr. Martine Batoux
+33 1 73 54 81 40


Consult the upcoming and current calls of the portal

The portal centralises all information on calls for proposals and calls for applications from ADEME, ANR, Inserm including ANRS, Anses and INCa. It provides a simplified access to upcoming and ongoing calls, giving a greater visibility to funding opportunities. Following their closing date, the calls remain published for a few months.


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