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ERA-Net BiodivERsA 2

This call for proposals is open to scientific teams from 10 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Turkey) for a total budget of more than 6 M€. The French National Research Agency (ANR) reserved a budget of 1 M€ for this call for proposals and the French Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing (MEDDTL) 350 k€.

The call will address the following themes, across all ecosystems and organisms:

  1. Developing integrated biodiversity scenarios;
  2. Understanding and predicting biodiversity resilience and tipping points
  3. Decision support for biodiversity policy and management

French scientific teams will be invited to form transnational research consortia with teams from minimum 2 other different countries (from the countries participating to the call). 

The research proposals will be evaluated across criteria of scientific excellence and policy relevance. It is also expected that the European scope of the projects will provide added-value to the research carried out.

Opening : 2011-11-03 at 15h56 CET
Interest declaration deadline : 2011-12-15 at 17h00 CET
Application Deadline : 2012-02-16 at 17h00 CET

National contact points details are available on the ERA-Net website:

ANR Contact:

Ait-Amar Samy
E-mail: samy.ait-amar(at)
Tel: +33 (0)1 73 54 82 47


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