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The French National Research Agency (ANR) is launching, in collaboration with 14 funding agencies from 12 countries, a joint call for proposals to finance R&D projects in the fields of CO2 capture, storage and use.

The objective of the ERA-NET ACT is to support R&D projects in the field of CO2 capture, storage and use (CCUS). Its ambition is to tackle the technological, environmental, social and economic challenges required to accelerate the development and the deployment of CCUS.

This ERA-NET is launching a third call for R&D projects. France had already participated in the second call, through ADEME only.

For this new call, ADEME and the ANR are working together to support more strongly French participation in these efforts. The Canadian province of Alberta, Denmark, and Europe’s Nordic Countries via Nordic Energy Research decided to participate in this third call, joining forces with France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Projects that integrate or address priority research directions ( identified as part of the Mission Innovation (CCUS Challenge Workshop, Houston 2017) are particularly welcome.

Projects are also encouraged to address one or more of the SET-Plan's research and innovation actions in the area of CCUS, approved by the SET-Plan steering committee in 2017 (

The projects may address technologies at different TRL levels. The participation of companies in the projects is strongly recommended.

The call text, including among other information the list of countries and regions participating in the call for projects, is available on the ACT3 call for proposals website.

Partners of the selected projects will be funded directly by their respective national or regional organizations (agencies or departments). As a result, national/regional regulations apply in addition to call rules.

In particular French applicants should read carefully the document "Terms for French participants", available on this page. It is notably expected that partners requesting financial support from ANR will mainly achieve upstream research activities, at low TRL levels (maximum 5). French partners mainly involved in R&D activities at a higher TRL level should request the support of ADEME.

Submission procedures

Project submission and evaluation will take place in two steps and in cooperation between all funding partners. Project pre-proposal and proposal must be written in English and sent before the deadline, respecting the formats and terms indicated on the site:

Only pre-proposals selected after the first evaluation step will be allowed to submit a full proposal.

Search for partners

On the ACT’s website, a partner search section is available to help building consortia. Applicants looking for partners can find potential candidates listed in this section. If they wish to appear on this list themselves, they must contact their national contact points.

Transnational contacts

The call secretariat is provided by the Norwegian agency RCN. For scientific questions: - Dr Aage Stangeland (RCN), +47 958 22 903, ast(at)

For problems related to the submission of projects: - Siri Kinge Ovstein (RCN), +47 2203 7528,

ANR contact point

Romain Brisse Agence nationale de la recherche Tel. : 01 73 54 81 96

Email: romain.brisse(at)

Pascal Bain Agence nationale de la recherche Email: pascal.bain(at)

Opening : 2020-07-06 at 00:00 CEST
Deadline for pre-proposals submission : 2020-11-10 at 13:00 CET
Deadline for full proposals submission : 2021-03-15 at 13:00 CET

Consult the upcoming and current calls of the portal

The portal centralises all information on calls for proposals and calls for applications from ADEME, ANR, Inserm including ANRS, Anses and INCa. It provides a simplified access to upcoming and ongoing calls, giving a greater visibility to funding opportunities. Following their closing date, the calls remain published for a few months.


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