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Optical Twin For Diagnosis – OT4D

Submission summary

OT4D, a joint laboratory between the "Haematopoietic and Leukaemia Development" team, (Saint-Antoine Research Centre, Sorbonne University) and TRIBVN, is dedicated to the development of new approaches in new generation optical microscopy to better feed artificial intelligence tools for the diagnosis, prognostic stratification, and monitoring of blood diseases.

The biological diagnosis of blood diseases relies on the complete blood count (CBC), an automated analysis that frequently requires cytological examination of the blood smear under the microscope. For most blood diseases such as acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), other analyses are essential to have a correct and complete diagnosis and prognosis as well as appropriate monitoring tools. These necessary analyses include the cytological observation of bone marrow smears, and the use of flow cytometry, molecular biology, cytogenetics and genomics on blood and/or bone marrow specimens.

OT4D's programme is to develop a new generation microscopy tool introducing two innovations:

1. Production of an "optical twin" by synthetic holography allowing a 3D representation of the figurative elements of the blood and the bone marrow in intensity and extended resolution phase.

2. Exploitation of artificial intelligence tools to take advantage of the large volume of data produced, pre-, per, and post-analytical: processing of digital objects, detection of rare events, identification and quantification of elements, establishment of a diagnosis, and prediction of biological, genomic and prognostic characteristics.

At the end of the project, these tools will allow faster and more accurate diagnosis in haematology. They will be marketed jointly by TRIBVN and the CRSA to both hospital and non-hospital biological analysis laboratories.

Project coordination


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Help of the ANR 362,961 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: May 2021 - 54 Months

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