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Designing Microstructure and Roughness for Engineering Wear – SINFONIA

Submission summary

Wear is ubiquitous in any mechanical system, which experiences relative motion of its components. Wherever two solid surfaces slide or roll against each other, frictional resistance arises resulting in the occurrence of wear. The amount and rate of material loss is a key factor for determining the safety and lifespan of many systems and devices. Despite the wide-ranging effects that wear has on industry and society, our scientific understanding of this complex phenomenon still is limited. This project leverages recent advances in computational methods (atomistic algorithms, phase field) and material manufacturing (3D printing, laser texturing) to investigate how wear originates and evolves. The purpose is two-fold: investigating the origins of wear and using this understanding to design tribological systems with engineered behavior. This will be achieved via a closed loop, where numerical computations motivate tests, while experiments validate and push forward modeling approaches.

Project coordination

Stella Brach (Laboratoire de mécanique des solides)

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LMS Laboratoire de mécanique des solides

Help of the ANR 352,688 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: - 48 Months

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