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Wavelength-selective Two-photon Phototriggers: novel monomers to the control of polymerisation and depolymerisation reactions with temporal and 3D spatial resolution – SelectTPE

Submission summary

Multifunctional caged molecules with functional levels that can be selectively activated upon exposure to light of different wavelengths will be developed. In order to achieve 3D resolution of the uncaging process, especial attention will be paid to chromophores with photosensitivity to and two-photon excitation. Reactive monomers and crosslinkers with different molecular architectures and functional states will be caged and their reactivity will be inhibited. Upon mixture with appropriate polymer precursors and irradiation, polymerisation and depolymerisation processes will be independently initiated depending on the selected irradiation wavelength. The final polymerisation/depolymerisation degrees will be controlled by the exposure dose. The application of this principle to the generation of new materials with phototunable properties will be tested in two different cases: novel resist materials for 3D photopatterning and smart hydrogels with tunable mechanical properties and swelling degree.

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