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The subfamily of PPR336 : a possible role in plant mitochondrial translation. – SUPPR

Submission summary

Pentatrico-peptide repeat (PPR) proteins are encoded by a huge gene family in plants. They are also present in others eukaryotes but in much smaller numbers. Their function was recently associated with various plant specific post-transcriptionnal processes in organelles. Among them, translation and its control are essential steps for gene expression and its regulation. However, in plant mitochondria, they are also the steps of gene expression that are up to now the least characterised and understood. - The large family of plant PPR proteins can be divided into smaller subfamilies by phylogentic analyses. The proposed research aims at characterising the function of a small gene family of 8 PPR proteins. Three members of this family were independently found in ribosomal fractions of Arabidopsis mitochondria. The family members are of conserved structure and are unusual representatives of the overall PPR family because they are shorter proteins. The functional analysis will be based on the identification of RNA targets and protein partners as well as on the analysis of molecular phenotypes in knock out mutants. We will determine the nature of the association of the family members with ribosomes and thus investigate if the functions of these PPR proteins are indeed linked with translation in plant mitochondria. This pilot study will enable to evaluate the functional diversity and / or redundancy that can exist for a small set of evolutionary related PPR proteins. - ...

Project coordination

Philippe Giege (Organisme de recherche)

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Help of the ANR 230,000 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: - 36 Months

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