Funding – 2012

Sustainable Food Systems


The ALID programme (Sustainable Food Systems) aims to build sustainable systems for production, processing, distribution and consumption of food products, taking into account consumer demand, competitiveness of enterprises, protection of ecosystems in the context of global changes.  


The programme is organised around two main topics:

1. “Access to sustainable food for all populations”

This topic is mainly focused on consumer and more generally citizen needs, to increase accessibility (price, service) of high quality products for consumers, and also integrate new demand of consumers to face local and global climate changes and prevent derives due to emerging situations.

2. “Conception of more sustainable agro-food production chains”

This topic aims to develop a global integrated approach for sustainability, assessing the risk-benefit compromises involved in food production chains or in transversal multi-sector system (distribution, logistic), taking into account the needs of the different actors. Projects should identify critical points in order to offer solutions and help decision-makers, by life cycle assessment on the three dimensions of sustainability (environment, economic, social).

The ALID programme aims to:

  • promote cooperation between different actors in the agro-food sector and participation of food industries mainly SME is strongly recommended;
  • reinforce scientific and technical collaborations to improve the sustainability in its three dimensions, with a high scientific level as recommended by ANR.

The 2012 ALID call for proposals encourages the submission of high scientific risk-taking, innovative, interdisciplinary and medium size projects to support the proof of new concepts.

Opening : 2011-12-02 at 11:08 CET
Application Deadline : 2012-03-15 at 13:00 CET

Contact : Mrs. Claude YVEN - Tel: +33 (0)1 73 54 82 87 - E-mail: Claude.YVEN(at)

Programme Director: Mrs. Elisabeth GUICHARD - Tel: +33 (0)1 78 09 80 39 - E-mail: Elisabeth.GUICHARD(at) 



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