Bertrand Fourcade, Scientific Officer in the Physics, Engineering, Chemistry and Energy Department (SPICE) of the Scientific Operations Division (DOS)


How did you start working at the ANR?

I have been working since 2018 as a Scientific Manager at the ANR, but first and foremost, I teach Physics at the University of Grenoble. I specialise in modelling, between physics and cell biology. We can divide a University Professor’s schedule in three parts: a third must be devoted to teaching, a third to research, and a final third to management. I chose to focus, out of curiosity, on this specific third - more than a third, in fact - at the ANR rather than at University.

What is your role at the ANR?

The role of the Scientific Officer differs enormously depending on the departments, the Scientific Evaluation Panels (CES) you oversee, etc.

My role is to oversee four CESs of the Generic call for proposals (AAPG) - a team effort with four Scientific Project Officers.  I must ensure that these CESs work well. I interact a lot with the chairs and offices of the panels, I support them, I translate the language of the ANR into laboratory language.

I also take part in writing calls, in "inter-CPP” (Programming Advisory Panels) meetings to define the AAPG’s programme, or even in regional calls for proposals as rapporteur.

What do you like the most about your position?

Talking to people who are not part of my scientific community! I am not the advocate of my own field: I like to see what is happening elsewhere, identify weak signals, understand the emerging themes that will structure research in the years to come. And then I see beautiful things, exciting research projects led by remarkable people. I am a little jealous sometimes! But I know that what I do at the ANR is essential for the proper functioning of the community: we must maintain the link with the laboratories to avoid any diversion.

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Last updated on 24 August 2022
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