Matériaux pour la thermoélectricité; matériaux pour l'émission lumineuse; matériaux pour l'énergie nucléaire; combustion propre; turbulence et viscoélasticité; convertisseurs analytiques; écoulements réactifs; simulation numérique avancée; instrumentation scientifique; récupération et conversion de l'énergie par modules thermoélectriques haute performance; synthèses de nouveaux matériaux

Energy Materials and Clean Combustion Center

Laboratoires d'excellence (LABX)

Laboratoires d'excellence hors Idex

Informations générales

Référence projet : 10-LABX-0009
Etablissement Coordinateur : CNRS Normandie (Caen)
Région du projet : Normandie
Discipline : 2 - SMI

Aide de l'ANR 13 000 000 euros
Investissement couvrant la période de avril 2011 à décembre 2022

Résumé de soumission

The Labex EMC3 encourages collaborations between specialists in the study of energy materials and clean combustion, in order to bring their research at the highest international level. To do so, the LABEX project works as an annual project hotel that aims at financing high level and risky research projects that go from fundamental to applied research. Two types of project are proposed: short projects typically of fourteen months to support risky and innovative ideas and four-year projects just long enough to achieve a PhD thesis on high level field already mastered. The LABEX entering its ending phase, in 2015 the « Attractiveness program » has been designed with the Region to recruit promising young researchers within the laboratories of LABEX EMC3 to improve the visibility at the international level.

The first projects call was established in late 2011 to launch projects the following year. From 2011 to 2016, six calls were launched and 44 projects were selected for a total amount of €9.7M budget over a total amount of €13M.

From now on, 10 short projects and 5 long projects (first call) are closed. Project monitoring was implemented earlier and is undertaken by the same experts of the Scientific Council, throughout the project life especially at mid-term and for the final reports. Besides, potential exploitation of the results is detected with the presence of CNRS teams.

All in all it is 19 PhD students and 59 young researchers who have been hired via EMC3.

Since 2013, the LABEX EMC3 has got a medium for international communication through a website and a Twitter account. Besides the project manager regularly represents the LABEX research at local and national business shows. He (she) also takes part in clusters meetings and scientific days.

With the EquipEx GENESIS, EMC3 is playing a major role in the research organization in Region Normandy. EMC3 has also been involved in the Normand’I-SITE project and is working on a “Ecole Universitaire de Recherche” (PIA3).


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