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COVID and Social Innovations – COSI

Submission summary

The Pandemic COVID-19 has impacted strongly habitual activities in numerous sectors, such as healthcare, business, social services and education. After two confinements and an ongoing curfew, a progressive return to a “normal” life might be promised by a massive vaccination system, even though the new lifestyle, new rules and their constraints, will probably continue to affect our territories and lifestyles for years to come. In this context, it appears essential to understand the difficulties induced by the crisis and to identify relevant and adapted solutions to face the consequences of the pandemic and to prepare for possible future social and / or health crises. The main objective of the COSI project is to provide concrete answers to meet these needs in the field of social work. In the first place, a large-scale idea generation task will be conducted with a set of social structures where the action of social workers is essential to support a variety of vulnerable populations. Social workers will thus be able to identify the operational ideas already implemented while proposing new and innovative solutions taking into account their own experience of the crisis context. This project will use the tool developed by the “SURVIE” (SURpasser le Virus par les Innovations Emmergentes) ANR project (AAP RA-COVID-19), and use “participatory innovation” to go further by investigating how social workers foster resilience to COVID-19 and establish a foundation for on-going processes to deal with such disruptions and crises in the future.
This innovation challenge consists of a process in which a "problem statement" is formulated. Social workers then generate their ideas for several weeks on a specifically dedicated online platform. The set of ideas is evaluated by qualified judges and serves as a basis for analyzes of subsequent practices carried out by groups of social workers. To get a better understanding on how to generate some ideas that are new and adaptable, some participative democracy tasks will be used with experts on the field of social work. To assess ideas, experts in the field of social workers and creativity will assess productions on diverse criteria such as the realistic nature of the idea. At the same time, a territory-based analysis will be conducted by geographers specializing in social work in order to identify the links between the ideas generated by social workers and the characteristics of the territory in terms of reliability and relevance with regard to local specificities. Overall, during this one-year project, researchers specialized in social and differential psychology, geography and economics will observe, trace the activity, and analyze the participatory innovation. Thus, the “COSI” project will provide general guidance in the field of social work but also more specific recommendations according to the local territory, the specificities of the populations and the mission of social structures. This project will therefore provide a proof-of-concept that participatory innovation, in the period following a pandemic crisis event can be used to facilitate the improved resilience of social structures, providing innovative and useful ideas to the problems faced, with economic value and improved social well-being. In addition, the ideas generated will be examined and deployed, with a follow-up of their efficacy.

Project coordination

Jérôme GUEGAN (Laboratoire de Psychologie et Ergonomie Appliquées - LaPEA)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


Laboratoire de Psychologie et Ergonomie Appliquées - LaPEA

Help of the ANR 79,975 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: April 2021 - 12 Months

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