CE06 - Polymères, composites, physique et chimie de la matière molle

Magnetic macroporous elastomers for stimuli-responsive surfaces – MAGELAn

Submission summary

The aim of the MAGELAn project is to fabricate magnetic macroporous elastomers that demonstrate large and reversible magnetically-triggered deformation. Recent results have shown foam based materials with large pores. Here, we want to develop a scalable technique leading to a homogeneous porous structure with small pores (d ~ 1 µm), which will thus be compatible with microfabrication methods. This will allow the use of these materials as micro-sensors or micro-actuators. Our first objective is to develop synthesis methods to obtain a good control over porous structure, pore size and shape. For that purpose, inverse water/polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) emulsions or suspensions of microparticles in PDMS will be formulated and used as templates for porous elastomers. Then, we will introduce magnetic nanoparticles in the PDMS phase and investigate their influence on the magnetorheological and magnetostrictive properties of the porous elastomer. Finally, as an exemple of applications, we will develop techniques to create patterned surfaces combining textures with magnetically-compressible blocks to control surface configurations with applications to switchable wetting and adhesion properties.

Project coordination

Artem Kovalenko (Sciences et Ingenierie de la Matière Molle)

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SIMM Sciences et Ingenierie de la Matière Molle

Help of the ANR 221,180 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: January 2020 - 48 Months

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