CE40 - Mathématiques, informatique théorique, automatique et traitement du signal

Random and deterministic waves – ODA

Submission summary

In the last 30 years there has been a considerable progress on the theoretical understanding of non linear wave phenomena both in the deterministic and the random settings. The goal of this project is to fit in this line of research aiming to make new significant advances. We will focus on the macroscopical description, the stability of localised solutions and on singular dynamics of Hamiltonian Partial Differential Equations. We will also aim to improve our understanding of the weak turbulence phenomenon in the context of dispersive partial differential equations.

The consortium contains two partners centered in the University of Cergy-Pontoise and the University of Lille 1. The team gathers experts on the main topics of the project, who share a long experience of scientific interactions, including several previous collaborations.

Project coordinator

Monsieur Nikolay Tzvetkov (Analyse, géométrie et modélisation (AGM))

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


LPP Laboratoire Paul Painlevé
AGM Analyse, géométrie et modélisation (AGM)

Help of the ANR 98,280 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: September 2018 - 48 Months

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