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Vector Boson Scattering as an indirect probe of new physics – VBStime

Submission summary

A more general theory than the Standard Model (SM) of Particle Physics should exist to describe various phenomena unexplained in SM. Direct searches for New Physics (NP) have been unsuccessful until now.
The project VBStime propose to indirectly probe NP through the study of vector boson scattering, which is a process particularly sensitive to NP and that is for now almost unexplored due to its experimental difficulty.
The observation potential of VBS states will grow only slowly accumulating luminosity. Therefore, strong progresses in VBS field will only be made possible by the development of novel data analysis techniques. VBStime proposes to create such techniques via synergies with cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML) and data mining technologies, and to apply them to current and future LHC data.
The three objectives of the projet are to get a better knowledge of the vector boson scattering process using data collected by the ATLAS detector in Run 2 and Run3 periods of LHC exploitation (2015-2018 and 2021-2022), create a synergy between ML and high-energy physics community to improve sensitivity in all steps of the project, and interpret the results in term of new-physics presence, in a model-independent and indirect way.
For this, the present team need to be complemented by more computing-science oriented profiles.

Project coordination


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Help of the ANR 251,120 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: December 2018 - 48 Months

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