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High Energy All FIber SYstems – HEAFISY

Submission summary

In this project we propose to develop technological breakthroughs to prepare the next generation of large scale laser systems and of powerful/energetic fiber laser systems for industrial and medical applications. The recent progress of fiber laser technology makes it very attractive in the context of these large scale facility lasers since it allows compactness, long term stability, versatility and ease of use capabilities. We identified two different goals. Firstly, we aim at developing an all fiber optical parametric amplifier of short optical pulses in the 100 µJ level and secondly, we aim at developing a high energetic single mode flat top intensity profile amplifier in the 5 mJ range. These works will constitute a major step toward all fiber large scale laser facilities allowing to improve their reliability and profitability. It involves the PHLAM laboratory in France, expert in fiber optics design and fabrication and the CEA in charge of the development and the operation of the project LMJ/PETAL* facility. The interest of these very ambitious objectives is not limited to these large scale laser facilities but will also find a great interest in the whole fiber laser community since cutting edge technological solutions will be developed during this project. We plan to create a start up to be able to commercialize these products and we believe that the European industry could largely benefit from the long-term results of this project.

Project coordination


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UMR8523 Laboratoire PHLAM

Help of the ANR 149,904 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: May 2017 - 12 Months

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