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Encryption for Big Data – EnBiD

Submission summary

We live in an era of “Big Data”, wherein a deluge of data is being generated, collected, and stored all around us. Without taking measures to protect these data, we risk living under digital surveillance in an Orwellian future. Unfortunately, traditional encryption systems lack the expressiveness needed in applications involving big, complex data. Functional encryption is an emerging paradigm for public-key encryption that enables more fine-grained access control to encrypted data, for instance, the ability to specify a decryption policy in the ciphertext so that only individuals who satisfy the policy can decrypt, or the ability to associate keywords to a secret key so that it can only decrypt documents containing the keyword.

The goals of the EnBid proposal for the ANR Award for Young Researchers (JCJC) are: (i) to design pairing and lattice-based functional encryption that are more *efficient* and ultimately viable in practice; and (ii) to obtain a richer understanding of *expressive* functional encryption schemes and to push the boundaries from encrypting data to encrypting software. My long-term vision is the ubiquitous use of functional encryption to secure our data and our computation, just as public-key encryption is widely used today to secure our communication. Realizing this vision requires significant advances in the foundations of functional encryption, which is the target of this project.

Project coordinator

Département d'informatique de l'École normale supérieure (Laboratoire public)

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Département d'informatique de l'École normale supérieure

Help of the ANR 205,280 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: September 2014 - 48 Months

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