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Oriented Nanostructures for Innovative Thermal Management Solutions applied Integrated Communication Devices – NanoThermIC

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Oriented Nanostructures for Innovative Thermal Management Solutions applied to Integrated Communication Devices
Microwave and electro-optical devices, circuits and subsystems are currently used in modern communication systems, including fixed and mobile communication services as well as terrestrial cellular applications. RF and Microwave Circuits, Integrated Electro-Optical Systems, generate large amount of heat. The aim of NanoThermIC project is to efficiently remove this heat for proper functioning of the device to offer higher performance, reliability and safety.

Demonstrate that oriented nanostructures can efficiently removed heat of microwave and electro-optical devices.

The quest to reduce the size of electronic devices provides the main driving force behind the scientific research and technological advancement in nanotechnology. It is now widely recognized that the thermal management in devices becomes increasingly important and challenging as the size of the devices reduces. Therefore, the thermal conduction of nanometer materials plays a fundamentally critical role in controlling the performance and stability of nano/micro devices. Moreover, reduction of chip-package interfacial thermal resistance remains a major challenge in the thermal management of semiconductor devices. Thermal properties appears to be the major limitations of those devices, and by ensuring reduced thermal resistances more robust and more reliable operations could be offered to components. Indeed the device environment impacts strongly on achievable performances in equipment. Better thermal environment to the devices is important to system performance such as improved reliability and compacter function.

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