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Test et analyse de la physique au dela du Modèle Standard – TAPDMS

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The next five years will prove to be crucial for particle physics, especially for its extension to «beyond the standard model». Indeed, within five years the LHC will have supplied us with more than three years of data, when the more competitive experiments in the field of astroparticle (direct detection : Xenon 100 kg, indirect detection : PAMELA and GLAST) will have finally refined their prediction/ exclusion. It is therefore important to keep a competitive team in the laboratories dedicated to phenomenology, mainly through the renewal and trecruitment of motivated and competent young researchers during an equal period. It is undoubtedly true that none of the present extension of the standard model of particle physics is entirely satisfactory : one need only for this to watch since even then several months the feverish increase of new models on specialized sites such as ArXiv trying to explain the smallest experimental new data (DAMA around the months of April-May, and PAMELA since two months). It is now time to make a selective choice among these actual « buildings » at low energy and focus on serious models from the point of view of building at high energy. One of the most striking examples of these latest publications is the complete ack of inner checking of the offered models (are they anomaly-free ' do they improve the unification of the gauge constants ' do they have a share in solving the hierarchy problem ').

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