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El-Deir, une oasis dans la Grande Oasis: terroir et territoire dans l'oasis de Kharga (Egypte) de l'époque pharaonique à l'époque chrétienne – OASIS

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The oases of the western Egyptian desert are, from a geographical and cultural standpoint, linked with the Nile Valley and the Egyptian Delta. Being located at the borders of pharaonic Egypt, they present nevertheless a distinct and specific aspect, compared with other regions of the country. In spite of their isolation and their difficult access, these oases, peopled since prehistory, have very early met the interest of the ancient Egyptians, who have detected their economic and strategic potentialities. As a result, they have always been a meeting point, at the borders of Egypt and at the doors of Africa. The OASIS project is built on this twofold characteristic of Kharga oasis, which seems to echo a twofold vocation of the oasis, that was already perceived in the Antiquity: an agricultural vocation, which raises important questions on the history of the colonization of the oasian space, related to the general problem of the access to water; an economic vocation, that of production and exchanges, at the meeting point of the the caravan highways of the western desert. The role devoted to the oasis by the different leaders of Egypt, from the Persian age to the Byzantine Age, will be investigated through a survey of the site of El-Deir, a capital point at the North of the oasis.

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