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Memristive Optospintronics – SpinMarvel

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We aim in this project to confirm and extend quite promising experimental results on the optical and magnetoelectronic interplay in multifunctional magnetic tunnel junctions. These results appear to hinge on the presence of energy states in the band gap of the ultrathin tunnel barrier (a few nm thick). In this project, we will study the controlled introduction of such states into ultrathin dielectric layers (MgO, SrTiO3), and precisely characterize their electronic properties through optical and electrical studies. We will then unravel the optical and magnetoelectronic interplay between these gap states and the magnetoresistance and resistive switching effects in tunnel junctions. To do so, we will develop an innovative opto-spintronic measurement platform, with the aim to reveal the multifunctionality that arises in our optospintronic MTJs due to multiple optical and magnetoelectronic degrees of freedom. In addition to shaking up the field of resistive switching, we hope to solidify the foundations of magnetoelectronics onto a new footing that takes into account defects and other gap states in the tunnel barrier. This project will address a core subset of the anticipated potential scientific investigations (eg organic spintronics) that require this innovative measurement platform.

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