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Diffusion at extreme conditions – HP-QENS

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The present project aims at investigating the microscopic diffusive dynamics of water molecules in pure water and water-salt solutions, with future extensions to other hydrogenous liquids, under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature by Quasielastic Neutron Scattering (QENS) and Molecular Dynamics techniques. From the experimental side, we propose to develop new methods in the field of extreme conditions physics, i.e. the development of a large-volume high-pressure device with particular gasketting techniques adapted to QENS measurements in the 0-5 GPa range. This pressure is one order of magnitude larger that what has been possible so far in such investigations. The method we propose is new and ground breaking; its feasibility has been established and documented very recently by our team. By this technique we will have direct access to diffusive, rotational, tunneling and cage motions of protons in hydrogenous liquids under extreme conditions. This unique coupling between the QENS technique and a new large volume PE press will provide a powerful tool to finally unravel the diffusive behavior and the role of the hydrogen-bond network in liquid water and doped water solutions under extreme conditions; it will open new directions in geophysical, biophysical and environment studies as well as in industrial applications.

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