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Social determinants of common mental health difficulties in the population: a focus on risk trajectories. – TEMPO MH

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Psychiatric disorders affect up to one in four individuals during their lifetime and represent approximately 15 % of the total burden of disease; the associated human, economic and social costs are massive. Mental health difficulties generally occur during the transition between adolescence and adulthood, yet current understanding of lifecourse risk trajectories and their risk factors is incomplete. A consistent research finding in this area is that mental disorders are disproportionately frequent among individuals who belong to socioeconomically disadvantaged groups; however the mechanisms underlying these social disparities are not yet well understood. The aims of this project (TEMPO MH) are twofold: a) to identify risk trajectories of mental health difficulties from childhood to adulthood and b) to examine the mechanisms of social inequalities with regard to mental health difficulties across the lifecourse. This research will be based on data from four epidemiological studies that comprise individuals followed from childhood into adulthood: the EDEN cohort, the SAGE study and the TEMPO cohort in France and the ELDEQ cohort in Canada. Overall, this research programme will contribute to a better understanding of factors that are related to the occurrence, persistence and consequences of common mental health problems and the results will help inform efforts aiming to address the mental health needs of the population.

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