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Croissance Cristalline d'Oxydes Dielectriques – CROCRODIEL

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The CROCRODIEL project aims at understanding and developing the promising family of Ba2LnFe(Nb,Ta)4O15 (Ln = rare earth) room temperature composites multiferroics. Recent studies of TTB ceramics have demonstrated the potential of these materials and the particular crystal-chemistry of their Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze (TTB) framework. CROCRODIEL goal is to transfer the properties of TTB materials to single-phase thin films and crystals, and also to specifically grow composites materials presenting the multiferroic properties observed in ceramic samples. This combination of ceramics, thin films, single-crystals studies, and of single-phase and composite materials, does not appear in the current countryside of multiferroic materials. The thin films will be grown by means of Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD), while flux and floating-zone crystal-growth methods will be used to elaborate single-crystals and composite materials. Single-phase films and crystals will allow the structural and physical characterisation required to perfectly understand complex TTB crystal-chemistry and optimize this system. To achieve this goal, the CROCRODIEL project will particularly rely on single-crystal neutron diffraction studies, for which the Léon Brillouin Laboratory has stated its interest. The growth of composite thin films by PVD, and of Directionally Solidified Eutectic composites by the floating-zone method, will be a challenging aspect of the CROCRODIEL project. The growth of these composite, the control of their microstructure, should lead to efficient multiferroic materials at room temperature, presenting a significant technological interest. The CROCRODIEL project, structured in 5 self-consistent and inter-dependent scientific tasks, require the recruitment of two staff: - a Researcher/Post-Doc/Research Engineer during year 1, for the growth of single-phase and composite TTB thin films and their characterisation - a Master-PhD student during the whole project for the growth and characterization of TTB single-crystals and DSE composites. By associating these two staff with four young researchers experimented in ceramics, thin film and crystal growth techniques, and in their characterization, the CROCRODIEL project possesses the relevant knowledge, know-how and manpower that will allow its success. In addition, as the CROCRODIEL participants are permanent staff of the ICMCB, the CROCRODIEL research team and the approaches developed within are very likely to be perpetuated.

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