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Electrochemically tuneable ‘Plug and play’ polymers – ELECTROTUNEPOLY

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The aim of this project is to create a new team combining complementary research skills and expertises in Controlled Radical Polymerisation ('Polymer Chemistry Team' ,UMR 7610, Pierre and Marie Curie University) and in supramolecular chemistry ( 'Supramolecular Polymers Team',UMR 8009, University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille)- to engineer and to study a new class of electrochemically tuneable "plug and play" polymers. In particular, the main purpose of this proposal is to fabricate well-defined polymer building blocks (prepared by Controlled Radical Polymerisation, CRP), whereby the 'periphery' (end or/and side chains) can be reversibly modified, via the formation/disruption of non-covalent host-guest bonds under electrochemical control, thereby providing a new generation of functional polymers with bespoke properties and applications.Using this 'plug and play' methodology, we will be able to reversibly change the structure and properties of the polymers, by controllable non-covalent modification, and thus will afford novel systems with applications in materials science, surface science and nanotechnology. Such polymers with tunable structures and functionalities are expected to be applied for novel high technology applications: (i) new generation of tunable high order structures such as micelles, (ii) new class of electrochemically tunable rheological fluid ,(iii) surfaces with switchable properties.

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