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Propagation d'ondes acoustiques en milieu urbain – Acouville

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Noise in urban areas is a major social problem. There is a strong demand, from both citizens, who want a reduction of urban noise, and governments and communities, who need predicting tools and reliable measurements of urban soundscapes. As an answer to this growing social demand and the need for accurate predicting tools, the objective of the project AcouVille, 'Propagation of acoustic waves in an urban environment', is the description of the complex physical mechanisms that occur in the propagation of a wave in an urban environment. It is particularly concerned with several currently unresolved issues: - the opening of the streets, at the top, on the low atmosphere above the city, resulting in the competitive effects of confinement and radiation of the wave, - the diffusion of sound by building façades, - the micro-meteorological effects and their influence on the heterogeneity of the air, - the behaviour of sound at street junctions, and, more generally, at the scale of a quarter. Given these scientific questions and current challenges on noise in cities, the purpose of this research program is the development of a description of the wave propagation in an urban environment, which allows a "physical" understanding of the involved phenomena, taking into account the geometric complexity of the environment. The project plans to conduct together a theoretical study, to model the physical problem, and an experimental study, with a strong interaction between.

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