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Premodern Philosophic and Scientific Hebrew Terminology: Studies on its Emergence and the Creation of an Internet-Based Historical Lexicon – PESHAT

Submission summary

The creation of the pre-modern Hebrew scientific and philosophical terminology began at the end of the first millennium C.E. and lasted until the 16th century. We wish to study systematically and create a lexicon of this pre-modern specialized Hebrew vocabulary in the disciplines of philosophy (including the natural sciences), mathematical sciences, astrology, and linguistics.
Presented here is a three-part research project:
(i) The constitution of a historical lexicon of pre-modern Philosophic and Scientific Hebrew Terminology (PESHAT);
(ii) The construction of a website for PESHAT, equipped with advanced search functions;
(iii) Studies on the constitution of the pre-modern philosophic and scientific Hebrew terminology, leading up to a Handbook of the History of Philosophic and Scientific Hebrew Terminology.
(i) We seek to create a lexicon of Philosophic and Scientific Hebrew Terminology (PESHAT). We will draw on the relevant original writings, as well as on the existing but incomplete lexica, in order to establish a large terminological corpus. Each main entry will offer: a headword in Hebrew, English, French, and German; medieval equivalents in Arabic, Latin and Greek; a definition; large selection of text extracts in which the term occurs; where legally possible, hyperlinks to the full texts.
(ii) PESHAT will be put on an on-line freely accessible data-base, equipped with MorfixTM, a particularly advanced search engine, capable to identify morphologically different forms of lexemes. The website will be of a wiki type, allowing its continued evolution through the (controlled) input of the scholarly community. As the first enterprise of its kind, it may serve as a model for similar projects in other languages, especially Arabic.
(iii) Concomitantly, we will launch a research program on the historical development of the premodern Hebrew terminology. In due course it will result in a printed volume: Handbook of the History of Philosophic and Scientific Hebrew Terminology. Despite its innovative and ambitious character, this project presents a low risk factor, for it is based on established scholarly methods and on existing Internet technology. A demo version of our site can already be seen at: (user name: PESHAT; password: DFG-ANR).
Funders can be confident that our project will yield a tangible, publicly visible and highly useful The Israel Academy of the Hebrew Language kindly offered its scientific cooperation in this project.

Project coordination

Anja KLINGER (Organisme de recherche)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


Help of the ANR 250,000 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: - 36 Months

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