Pre-announcement: an international call for proposals on materials research will be launched in March 2019

In the framework of ERA-NET Cofund M-era.Net, the French National Research Agency (ANR), in partnership with 32 funding agencies from 24 different countries, will launch in March 2019 a new call for projects on materials science and engineering.

Foster research and innovation on materials science and engineering, for low carbon energy technologies and related production technologies

Established in 2012, the M-era.Net consortium has federated a vast network on materials research, allowing collaboration between the main academic and industrial research partners of European and non-European countries and regions. The supported projects have facilitated the generation of knowledge ranging from basic research to innovative industrial applications.

The M-era.Net Call 2019 aims more specifically to support research projects about materials for low-energy technologies and related processes, in a joint approach between research and innovation. Indeed, advanced materials have been classified under the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) plan as Key Enabling Technologies (KET), which can be used to develop low-carbon energy technologies and improve energy and resource efficiency. In recent years, significant efforts have been made to ensure industry can meet the challenges in terms of new materials, as well as products and processes required. 

In addition, this call  highlights the EU's commitment for a circular economy and sustainable development goals, in line with the adoption by the European Commission of a new circular economy package, to help European businesses and consumers.

A call for proposals focused on 6 main topics

Research activities focus on a wide range of topics along the value chain in the domain of materials: 

Topic 1: Multiscale modeling for materials engineering and processing (M3EP)

Topic 2: Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces

Topic 3: High performance composites

Topic 4: Functional materials

Topic 5: New strategies for advanced material-based technologies in health applications (not funded by ANR)

Topic 6: Materials for additive manufacturing (not funded by ANR)

Two-step selection process

The M-ERA.NET application process will be a 2-step procedure

Pre-proposals could be submitted from March 19th to June 18th, 12h CET.

Proposals selected for Stage 2 could be submitted from mid-september 2019 until the November 19th, 12h00 CET.

More information:

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