CE29 - Chimie : analyse, théorie, modélisation

Hyphenated laser-mass spectrometry approach for oxidative stress monitoring – HyLOxi

Submission summary

In a context of population aging, discovery and validation of novel oxidative stress biomarkers for screening of neurodegenerative diseases is a key issue. However, this remains a challenge for low concentrated biomarkers. This arises from the high rate of false positives during the discovery phase, due to the complexity and concentration dynamic range of the samples. To improve the detection specificity toward the oxidized proteins, we propose an innovative experimental setup made of a mass spectrometer coupled with visible laser induced dissociation (LID) to add a stringent optical specificity to the mass selectivity. Since peptides do not naturally absorb in the visible range, this novel methodological approach relies on the proper chemical derivatization of oxidized Cys and carbonyl groups with a chromophore. Only the subset of derivatized peptides will be specifically fragmented in LID, improving the consistency of oxidized protein biomarkers quantification in biological samples.

Project coordination

Marion GIROD (Institut des Sciences Analytiques)

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ISA - CNRS Institut des Sciences Analytiques

Help of the ANR 213,136 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: September 2018 - 42 Months

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