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"Mechanisms and measurement of disease progression in the early phase of neurodegenerative diseases” - EU Joint Programme - Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND)

In the context of ERA-NET JPcofuND 2 (JPND), ANR launches a joint transnational call with the aim of improving the understanding of disease mechanisms and advancing measurability of disease progression at early and pre-symptomatic stages of neurodegenerative diseases.

The research approaches should be integrative, combining relevant scientific approaches (e.g. clinical, epidemiological, molecular, experimental) and involve state-of-the art methodology and techniques. The potential of existing cohorts and data sets should be exploited. Proposals must be hypothesis-driven and should have a strong emphasis on reliable methodology.

Proposals submitted under this call may include, but are not limited to, the following types of research:

  • Unraveling the influence of molecular, physiological, psychological and social factors and pathways on disease progression as well as discovering new factors and pathways.
  • Defining key regulatory steps affecting the disease onset and progression.
  • Combining molecular, psychological, social and physiological markers in order to increase the robustness of the diagnosis.
  • Harmonization of the use of novel technologies and clinical measures to increase reliability and reproducibility of disease detection and monitoring.
  • Identifying molecular, environmental, social and behavioral modulators of disease progression with the ultimate aim of determining risk, protective and resilience factors.
  • Examining pathological processes related to neurodegeneration by using Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to understand the role of mechanistic pathways.
  • Enhancing patient stratification by establishing measures and technologies to characterize clinical subgroups at pre-symptomatic stages, e.g. ‘risk phenotypes’ or ‘at risk’ groups.
  • Identifying compensatory mechanisms associated to early stages of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Systematically analyzing the influence of genetic, epigenetic and phenotypic variability underlying neurodegenerative diseases on disease progression.
Opening : 2024-01-04 at 09:00 CET
Application Deadline : 2024-03-05 at 12:00 CET

Each proposal must involve a minimum of three and a maximum of six regular partners, including the coordinator, from at least three different countries participating in this call (see section 3 of call text). However, if the proposal involves at least one regular partner from an EU-13 country (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) or from Turkey, the maximum number of regular partners is extended to seven. For reasons of transnational balance, no more than two regular partners from the same country are allowed to join a proposal.

Secretariat de l’AAP    +49 228 3821 2111 ou jpnd(at) (

Contact ANR        +33 (0) 1 78 09 80 14 ou sheyla.mejia(at)

+33 (0) 1 73 54 81 41 ou anthony.petit(at) 


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